Mudry Cap 10

Aerobatic training aircraft

Complete your UPRT Advanced course by flying an aerobatic aerobatic aircraft with exceptional manoeuvring capabilities


Your training plane in a few figures

Mudry Cap 10
Aerobatic aircraft

People on board


Cruising speed

117 Kts

Take-off distance

313 m

Crossable distance

647 Nm

Aerobatics skills


Load capacity

230 Kg

Landing distance

360 m

The Mudry Cap 10 is a French single-seater aerobatic aircraft renowned for its exceptional manoeuvrability and robustness. It is widely used in aerobatic competitions thanks to its ability to perform high-precision aerobatic manoeuvres.

Broaden your horizons with the Mudry Cap 10

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Thanks to its rapid response to the controls. Its well-designed cockpit and precise control stick allow the pilot to perform acrobatic manoeuvres with ease. It excels at loops, rolls and other aerial manoeuvres, making it a favourite choice for aerobatic pilots looking to defy the laws of gravity.