Silent Sky

Astonfly's voluntary approach to reduce noise disturbance

Astonfly is committed to integrating its training activity within its environment and responding to the new challenges of the aviation of the future




Astonfly is committed to not increase the number of aircraft based for its operations, that is 32 aircrafts. This will limit the potential growth in the number of movements on the Toussus le Noble platform and therefore the associated nuisances.

As of 31/12/2023, Astonfly commits to no longer operating aircraft based on Calipso classifications higher than B and consequently limits its fleet to 2 types of aircraft:
Cessna 172S and Diamond DA42.
To this end, Astonfly will remove from its fleet Cirrus SR22 aircraft with a Calipso C rating by 31/12/2022 at the latest and will progressively equip its Cessna 172S with silent exhausts between 01/09/2022 and 31/12/2023, in order to obtain a Calipso A rating (instead of C).

Astonfly commits itself to stop its aircraft rental activity for pilots and to dedicate exclusively to training as from 01/01/2023.
This will reduce the number of movements operated by Astonfly from 2023 and the risk of non-conforming trajectories in the runway circuit, carried out by non-professional pilots.

Astonfly is committed to investing in electric aviation from 2025 onwards, and in particular for the replacement of its single-engine fleet, as soon as electric aircraft will allow the training of professional pilots (need for a flight autonomy greater than 300 Nm).
In the meantime, Astonfly will create the first electrified aircraft parking area at Toussus le Noble in 2023, in order to accommodate its next fleet of electric aircraft.