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Astonfly Events

Student life is at the heart of student well-being

The different stages of the students’ training and organizes events to make the student experience unforgettable


Start your training with a tailor-made induction

At the beginning of each year, Astonfly organises an integration weekend for its new students, enabling you to start the year in optimal conditions. With an updated concept each time, you will meet your classmates, the goal being to create a team cohesion which will favour your success and make your experience at Astonfly unique.

Dive into the culture of aeronautics

General aeronautical knowledge is essential for the training to be in line with the reality of the profession of pilot. During your training, Astonfly will organise conferences or visits dedicated to raising awareness and increasing your knowledge of the aeronautic environment.

The wings award ceremony

A centuries-old tradition, the handover of the wings marks the successful completion of the theoretical ATPL training and the transition to the long-awaited practical training. It is a proud moment for all the student pilots, after an intense period of work.

The bucket of water after the first solo flight

Your first solo flight in the aircraft will be a major step in your progress, a never-to-be-forgotten moment. It is a tradition that at the end of the flight, your instructor and fellow pilots refresh you with a bucket of water as you leave the aircraft.

Your graduation

A unique and unforgettable event to celebrate, at the famous salon of the Aero-Club de France in Paris, the end of your Astonfly training. You will at last be ready for your career to take off.

Seasonal events

On special occasions, the Astonfly team decorates each room for events such as Astonween or the Christmas party. Games and challenges are organized to liven up the events.