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Why choose Astonfly to become an airline pilot?

Understanding why Astonfly is unique



The choice of your training school will determine the perspective you wish to offer to your career.
This crucial choice deserves a relevant and objective analysis.

Because an airline pilot's knowledge and skills are not only demonstrated by obtaining his or her licence, Astonfly has been investing continuously for over 20 years to enable its students to acquire a level of skills that meets the requirements of the largest airlines.

More than just a trainer, Astonfly accompanies you until your first job.

20 years’ experience in airline pilot training.
150 pilots trained every year.
Exclusive partner of Ryanair in France, Europe’s leading employer of pilots.
Modern fleet of 30 aircraft and 5 simulators.
7500m² campus just 20 minutes from Paris (France).


In the event of failure or abandonment during the theoretical phase, Astonfly will reimburse the full amount paid for your training.
In the event of failure or withdrawal during the practical phase, Astonfly will refund all unused flight hours, without any penalty.


Join the Ryanair Mentored Programme as soon as you enter the training program, at no extra cost.

100% English-language training in line with airline requirements.

Preparation for airline selections.

ASTONJOB international alumni network, +1500 students in over 50 airlines worldwide.


Preferential-rate bank loan, with repayment deferred until 36 months after the start of your training.
10% deposit on enrolment, then payment of the balance over 18 months.
Training agreement complying with the SNPL (Syndicat National des Pilotes de Ligne) ethical charter.


Training and extension of your qualifications during the year following your training, at no extra cost.


20 years’ experience in pilot training.

+More than 1500 pilots trained since its creation.

Experienced instructors dedicated to your success.

The only flight school with its own airline
own airline, ASTONJET.


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Astonfly's student pilots tell you about their training in theory and practice, and their motivation to join Astonfly and become an airline pilot.

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Since its creation in 2004, Astonfly has trained more than 1500 airline pilots, currently working for more than 50 airlines around the world.

Pauline Foubart, First Officer, Airbus A320

"I did my training with Astonfly from September 2018 to September 2020. The theory was taught in Toussus le Noble. Then came the practice, I was lucky enough to have great instructors, who taught me through flights and simulators the profession of airline pilot.

I started as a pilot with Astonjet in business aviation, then joined Air France as a co-pilot on the Airbus 320."

Lucas Herail, First Officer, Boeing 737

I did my airline pilot’s training with Astonfly. Thanks to this high-quality training, I have acquired the rigour and professionalism which are essential skills for carrying out this profession.

I benefited from an adapted infrastructure, a team of instructors competent and a very modern fleet. Also, I consider that Astonfly brings together all the training qualities necessary for success in this job. Therefore, I recommend this flight school.

David Sitruk, First Officer, Dassault Falcon 7X

"Professional and rigorous school with numerous instructors in brand-new premises. Latest-generation aircraft, clean and available thanks to an on-site mechanical workshop and high-performance ramp service.

I completed my integrated training in less than 18 months, and was immediately hired by a business aviation company, which was my goal. It's a real pleasure to have been trained at this school. I can only recommend it."

Anthony Bégé, First Officer, Airbus A330

After a few years spent as a navigator in the Air Force, I decided to retrain as a civilian pilot to put the military experience I had gained to profit. When looking for a school to take the CPL licence and ME IR rating, I rapidly chose Astonfly. Indeed the use of a modern fleet, the issuing of EASA qualifications and the location in the Paris region were decisive.

This gamble paid off since, following my training, I started working as an instructor and then rapidly as an airline pilot Officer in business aviation and now as a First Officer with Corsair.

Sylvain Baty, First Officer, Cessna Citation M2

I completed my integrated ATP airline pilot training with Astonfly between December 2019 and November 2021. After graduation, I had the opportunity to join Astonjet to work on the ground and shortly after, start as a co-pilot on C525 M2. The pedagogical tools of the school and the quality of the instruction allowed me through hard work and investment to reach a very competitive level in the market of pilots without experience.

The school's framework is rigorous, the instructors are demanding, and the training is well standardized, giving an excellent framework for the students (the school is the tool you have to become a pilot, but personal commitment is the key to quality).

Antoine Martorana, First Officer, Embraer

Astonfly was my number one choice for my commercial pilot training after a background as an aeronautical engineer. The professionalism of the school, the experienced instructors and the modern fleet of aircraft prepared me from the start for the standards of my first employers. I started my career as a single pilot on the Diamond DA62, then I joined Ryanair with my training partner less than a year after leaving school, and now I'm First Officer on Embraer at Hop.

The high standards and demands of my Astonfly training ensured a smooth transition to my Boeing 737NG rating. I certainly approached my training seriously but I have always enjoyed flying at this great school.

Hugo Marques Costa, First Officer, Boeing 737

"Do it well, or don't do it". That's Astonfly's motto. I completed my integrated curriculum at Astonfly in September 2020.

This school near Paris was growing fast, with top-quality service and a state-of-the-art fleet similar to airliners. It was also renowned for its theoretical and practical teaching methods, enabling me to meet the demands of airlines right from the end of my training, such as safety and adaptability."

Mathias Mimouni, First Officer, Cessna Citation Latitude

I had the chance to do my integrated training at Astonfly between 2018 and 2020.
The quality of the aircraft, the premises and the strong commitment of the instructors enabled me to obtain my CPL IR/ME in 2 years despite the sanitary crisis.
The school trains us, from the very first moment, to become an airline pilot and this is clearly felt when we are in the simulator with pilots who have been trained in other schools (especially during the MCC).

Thanks to the educational quality of the training, I was able to find my first job as an airline pilot the year after I finished my training.
I am fully satisfied with my experience at Astonfly and I strongly recommend anyone who wants to become a pilot to enrol!

Nicolas Jovanovic, First Officer, Boeing 737

"A former Astonfly student who trained as an airline pilot, I was lucky enough to benefit from high-quality training, with a professionalism that met the demands of the job, on a fleet of modern aircraft, with competent and demanding instructors.

Thanks to this high-quality training, I was lucky enough to pass my Boeing 737 type rating and then to be immediately selected by Air Baltic. I'm now continuing my career with Norwegian."

Olivier Larignon, First Officer, Boeing 737

"In 2018, I joined the ASTONFLY school for integrated ATP training. The quality of the teaching team and the meeting with brilliant instructors gave me the opportunity to reach my goal in a field I'm passionate about. The methods instilled by this school: a taste for hard work and effort, and a sense of perseverance enabled me to be prepared for type rating as well as line operations.

I can only highly recommend this school and would like to thank the whole team who supported me in my work to gain access to the controls of a liner."

Solal Gabin-Novel, First Officer, Boeing 737

"As a former student at Astonfly for my ATPL training from 2018 to 2020, I really appreciated the two years I spent at the school, which enabled me to reach the standard required to enter the airline industry.

Throughout the course, the various instructors who trained me and the teaching team provided me with all the skills I needed to pass the exams, as well as the selections. It was the quality of the training that enabled a smooth transition to type and line qualification."