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Ryanair Mentored Programme

Launch your career as a Ryanair Cadet Pilot

Astonfly has been selected by Ryanair as the exclusive training partner for its airline pilots in France


Astonfly, exclusive partner for Ryanair pilot training in France

Ryanair Holdings PLC is Europe's largest airline group composed of five companies.
It carries over 180 million passengers each year on more than 3,000 daily flights from over 100 bases.
The company is renowned for its safety performance and pilot training standards which are among the highest in the world.

Why become a Ryanair pilot?

Starting your career as an airline pilot with the Ryanair group is a unique opportunity offering you 6 major advantages:

  1. Job stability with Europe's largest employer of pilots,
  2. Rapid career progression to become a captain after only 3 years of experience,
  3. A wide choice of operational bases across Europe thanks to its extensive network,
  4. A stable flight schedule, without off-base nights, with guaranteed rest periods known 4 weeks in advance,
  5. Flying the latest generation of aircraft including the Boeing 737 8200,
  6. A higher average remuneration than that offered by competing companies.
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What is the Ryanair Mentored Programme?

The Ryanair Mentored Programme is a certification of Astonfly's Integrated and Modular ATP courses ensuring a high level of airline pilot training and direct access to Ryanair recruitment.

Training based

on Ryanair's Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs)

Preparing for the Ryanair assessment

before integration on Boeing 737
Type Rating

Direct access

to Ryanair recruitment after your
Astonfly training


of cadet pilot students under the Ryanair Mentored Programme join the company directly after their type rating


Ryanair airline pilots to be trained by Astonfly between 2022 and 2026

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Discover the Astonfly airline pilot training courses
certified Ryanair Mentored Programme

How can you join the Ryanair Mentored Programme? The access to Airline Transport Pilot training is subject to passing an admission assessment. Depending on your results and your wishes, you can join the Ryanair Mentored Programme.


The Integrated ATP allows you to become an airline pilot through intensive and continuous training over 2 years on a full-time basis. It consists of 9 months of theory followed by 15 months of practical training.

This course is accessible with a bachelor's degree, from the age of 17, after having passed the Astonfly Integrated ATP entrance assessment.