ProTarmac Essential Label 2022

European certification on ethical, social and environmental performance


The ProTarmac Essential 2022 label

The ProTarmac Label is a European certification that highlights the ethical, social and environmental performance of professionals in the aeronautical sector and airport infrastructures. Thanks to the Protarmac Label, companies and airport infrastructures that have been awarded the label promote their virtuous practices and highlight the progress they have made and their desire for continuous improvement. On the strength of the information transmitted and checked by Estrads, Astonfly meets all the human, environmental and legal criteria that make Astonfly a company with remarkable values and ethical responsibility.

Guarantee of Astonfly's ethical and responsible commitment to its customers, suppliers and employees

This label certifies that Astonfly is an exemplary structure whose commercial activities and relations with its stakeholders voluntarily integrate social and environmental concerns relating to corporate social responsibility. Astonfly respects the recommendations essential to an ethical company. The criteria are adapted to the activity and size of the companies in the aeronautical sector and airport infrastructures. They take into account the evolution of all the issues, particularly those of compliance with the evolution of European standards. The study of more than 500 criteria of the ProTarmac Label made it possible to evaluate Astonfly's level of performance by indicating the elements of progress in its continuous improvement approach.

  1. Compliance with regulations and ethics: Compliance with all laws and regulations in its environment (social law, commercial law, labour law, French and European aviation regulations, etc.).
  2. Customer, supplier and subcontractor policy: Putting in place all the means to guarantee the respect of its customers and to ensure the social responsibility of its suppliers and subcontractors.
  3. Social dimension: Commitment to equal opportunities and neutrality in recruitment.
  4. Responsible internal policy: Implementation of a social policy aimed at ensuring an optimal working environment for its employees.
  5. Cybersecurity policy: Active and non-commercial protection of all digital data of employees and customers.
  6. Preservation of jobs in tension: Financial and educational support for the development of our professional instructors.
  7. Preservation of the environment: Commitment to limiting noise pollution and adopting new eco-friendly technologies.
  8. Waste management: Commitment to the recovery and recycling of our waste.
  9. Responsible innovation: Commitment to training using new technologies that preserve resources and the environment.