Thomas Pesquet says to future pilots: “it’s a job for the future, go for it!”

The Jumpseat show, produced by Aerobuzz on Twitch, is increasingly successful, thanks to the diversity of his topics and guests. For the 9th issue, the team had the chance to interview Thomas Pesquet who was on the same airfield as an Aerobuzz journalist, as the astronaut renewed his single-engine rating!

The astronaut, who started his career as an airline pilot, was asked about the future international mission Artemis. This American-Japanese-European cooperation will bring man  to the Moon by 2025. Three European astronauts will be part of the adventure.

But Thomas does not forget his first love and addresses the aspiring pilots. The question is clearly asked: “What advice would he give to a young person who would like to become a pilot?

Thomas’ answer is just as clear. “You have to be proactive, it’s a passion job. Then the pilot expresses his confidence in the profession, while qualifying the environmental impact of aircraft and reminding us that machines are increasingly virtuous. “It’s a job with a future, because the plane brings people together, making the world a better place. It is a career that puts stars in people’s eyes, I have never met a pilot who regretted his choice. The pilot career has given me so much, I really loved this lifestyle, this mix of technique, travel and human.”

Finally, he urges young enthusiasts to get into training. “Yes, it can be a little scary, because it’s hard to project yourself, but that’s how you succeed in your professional career, it’s not by trying to take it easy. There are cycles, we know that there are crises, but we know that afterwards aviation will take off again. So go for it, do your best and follow your dream! That’s how I became happy professionally and that’s how you will be.”

After this nice dedication, an Astonfly alumnus, also a columnist at Jumpseat, Antoine Mejean, confirms that the trend is on the rise and talks about cases of young people being hired around him.

Despite the sound problems, this part of the show is particularly interesting. And motivating! The show is available for replay here:
The interview with Thomas Pesquet lasts from 01:15:20 to 01:28:30. The part about being a pilot starts at 01:23:25.