Astonfly becomes the 1st airline pilot school to fully reimburse your training in case of failure

Astonfly becomes the first flight school to fully reimburse each student for their Integrated ATP training (Airline Transport Pilot Ab Initio) in case the candidate fails or drops out during the theoretical phase (14 ATPL certificates). With 150 pilots trained each year and a fleet of over 30 aircraft, Astonfly is the leading private professional flight training centre in France.

Major development: Pass or Refund training

Thanks to an admission evaluation in English, accessible from baccalaureate level, but particularly selective (mathematics, physics, general aeronautical culture, cognitive and behavioural tests), Astonfly has so far demonstrated a failure or drop-out rate of less than 5%, almost all of which occurs during the first 9 months of the theoretical phase of the airline pilot training.

Thus, Astonfly now offers to reimburse the student in full in the event of failure or drop-out of the training during the theoretical phase.

Astonfly thus wishes to allow the less confident candidates to free themselves from financial contingencies to give themselves every chance of accessing their dream job.

We pay great attention to the support of our students, from the beginning of their training to their integration in an airline. From now on, Astonfly offers the opportunity to become an airline pilot, without any financial consideration in case of failure or abandonment of the candidate” declared Patrick Milward, General Manager.

Since its creation in 2004, Astonfly has taken into account the international aeronautical context and the demands of its customers. This is reflected in a state-of-the-art fleet, regularly expanded infrastructures, the latest generation of teaching equipment and, most recently, the signing of an ethical charter set up by the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL).