Portrait Alumni Astonfly – Sylvain, Apprenti Pilote Astonjet Cessna Citation M2


From ASTONFLY student to ASTONJET pilot!

Astonfly is proud to have many of its students part of ASTONJET’s crew. We believe in offering our young pilots a dedicated path to business aviation.
Discover the testimony of Sylvain Baty, one of our alumni, first officer on Cessna Citation M2 at ASTONJET

The apprentice pilot programme

At Clair Group, we are committed to internal promotion!

For more than a year, some Astonfly alumni have joined us in various ground positions within the group. From the Astonjet design office, through the sales or operations department, to the commercial management of the Astonsky terminal, many of these Alumni have trusted us to start their career in aviation.

Today, they are first officers on Citation Mustangs, M2s and even Latitudes within our company Astonjet.

The ground experience is an excellent school to approach the business aviation environment, it allows to discover the facets of this rich environment and to evolve within a young and dynamic team. The employees thus acquire new skills that they can use in their future profession as pilots.

An exemplary CRM and a very easy integration.

After a few months on the ground, these Alumni have learned about the company’s processes and have been able to integrate with the teams by developing strong links. This only facilitates their integration within the company when they adapt on the line. Not only do they have additional skills to help them adapt to this very demanding sector, but they also know how to show humility in the face of the job.

Keep an eye on the job offers and join us!