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Preparation for the ATPL (A) Theory exam


Astonfly prepares you for obtaining the 14 ATPL (A) theory certificates

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Get prepared to pass your ATPL (A) theory exam

Astonfly preparation for the ATPL (A) theory exam is accessible without any prerequisites.
The ATPL (A) theory enables you, within 36 months and after obtaining the 14 certificates, to take your practical aptitude test to obtain the IR (A) qualification as well as the CPL (A) or ATPL (A) licence.


Admission requirements for the ATPL (A) theory preparation


Right to
study within EU

Minimum age

17 years old
at the start of the training

Level of education

or equivalent


PPL (A) with a valid SEP class rating

Duration of training

The training is available on site


Standard duration
for full-time availability
5 /7 days

Your on-site ATPL (A) theory training

Your training is composed of e-learning, on-site group lessons and revision courses, for a total of 811½ hours of training.

Certificates Topic On-site lessons E-learning On-site revision Total
010 Air law and traffic procedures 26¼ hrs 26h12 6¾ hrs 59h12
021 022 Airframe and Systems, Electrical and Power Instrumentation 89¾ hrs 67h55 13½ hrs 171h10
031 032 033 Weight and balance Performances Preparation and flight monitoring 91¼ hrs 49h07 9h00 149h22
040 Human performance 18¾ hrs 22h04 4½ hrs 45h19
050 Meteorology 30h00 25h28 6¾ hrs 62h13
061 062 General navigation Radio navigation 75h15 58h09 18h00 151h24
070 Working procedures 23¼ hrs 22h57 4½ hrs 50h42
080 Flight mechanics 29¾ hrs 30h30 9h00 69¼ hrs
090 VFR / IFR communications 11h00 6h14 4½ hrs 21h44
100 KSA Assessment of behaviour competences 27h15 0h00 0h00 27¼ hrs
Total duration of theory lessons 422h30 314h45 76h30 811h30

Place of your on-site training

Paris - Toussus le Noble

alt de mon image

Your online interface

Astonfly provides you with a dedicated digital platform to follow your training.


Consult the programming of your sessions (schedules, instructors, aircraft, simulators, classroom).

Progress booklet

For each flight or simulator exercise, a rating out of 5 is reported by your instructor via the Astonfly online interface in order to create a progress map of your educational journey.

Financial accounts

Track your payments and debits throughout your training and download your invoices online.

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