Night Flight Rating

Discover a new dimension

The Night Flight rating is a particularly interesting complement to the private pilot licence (PPL), whose privileges are reserved for daytime flying only

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Piloting a plane at night, a new dimension of flight

Discover new sensations of flight with reduced air traffic, absence of turbulence,
the enchantment of twinkling city and airport lights, and seeing sunsets and moonrises when in full flight.
A whole new atmosphere opens up to you in another form of piloting.

Admission requirements for the Night Flight rating training course


Right to
study within EU

Medical aptitude

Class 1 or 2
specific to PART-MED regulations

Medical Centres


PPL (A) with a valid SEP class rating

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Duration of training

The training is on request according to your availability.


The Night Flight rating training programme in detail

The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, carried out in parallel.
You will complete a night navigation flight followed by 2 runway circuits, followed by a solo flight with 5 full landings as captain.

5 hours of flight instruction on a single-engine aircraft

6 hours and 45 minutes of applied theory

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Your training centre

Find out about your training centre’s resources.

Paris - Toussus le Noble

The night flight training is carried out at Toussus le Noble on a Cessna 172S, a modern training aircraft with G1000 avionics, particularly well known for its flight demonstration capabilities.

Cessna 172S G1000
Single-engine aircraft

Persons on board



Garmin 1000

Cruising speed

124 Kts

Passable distance

680 Nm

Maximum altitude

13,000 ft


380 Kg

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Astonfly has certified FNPT II flight simulators with 250° visual immersion allowing your instructor to immerse you in an unparalleled flying experience.

Alsim AL250
FNPT II Flight Simulator

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Your online interface

Astonfly provides you with a dedicated digital platform to follow your training.


Consult the programming of your sessions (schedules, instructors, aircraft, simulators, classroom).

Progress booklet

For each flight or simulator exercise, a rating out of 5 is reported by your instructor via the Astonfly online interface in order to create a progress map of your educational journey.

Financial accounts

Track your payments and debits throughout your training and download your invoices online.

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