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Single-engine Instrument Rating IR SE

Single Engine Instrument Rating

Discover a new dimension and learn to pilot a single-engine aircraft under IFR conditions

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Discover instrument flight on single-engine aircraft

The IR SE rating enables you to fly under Instrument Flying Rules (IFR) in low cloud and reduced visibility conditions.
This rating is obtained on the basis of the CB IR regulations, thereby offering you IFR privileges on any single-engine aircraft not belonging to the High Performance Aircraft (HPA) category. If necessary, an additional HPA training course can lift this limitation.

Admission requirements for the IR SE single-engine piston class


Right to
study within EU

Medical aptitude

Class 1 or 2
specific to PART-MED regulations

Medical Centres


PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A) with
SEP rating and night flying
(otherwise daytime IFR restriction)

Flight logbook

50 hours total flight time in the field as captain


English language ability
Level 4 minimum

Astonfly assessment

Flight on FNPTII simulator

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Duration of training

Your training can be full-time or on demand.


Standard duration
for full-time availability
5 /7 days


Maximum duration recommended for optimal educational progress

Your SE IR training programme in detail

The programme starts with a theory course called CB IR. This consists of 2 days of on-site courses followed by e-learning, requiring 80 hours of personal work to pass your theory exam.

Certificates Topic On-site lessons
010 Air law and air traffic 2¼ hrs
022 Instrumentation 2¼ hrs
033 Flight preparation and monitoring 2¼ hrs
040 Human performance 2¼ hrs
050 Meteorology 2¼ hrs
062 090 Radionavigation Communications 2¼ hrs
Total duration of theory lessons 13h30

As soon as you have passed your CB IR theory exam, you begin practical training in 5 distinct stages, including applied theory, simulator and flights.

Stage 1

Blind flight

Stage 2

Basic Instrument Flying

Stage 3

Advanced Instrument Flight

Stage 4

Approach Procedures

Stage 5

IFR flight control

Stage 1

Blind flight

This stage teaches you the indispensable theoretical bases for your practical training. It also includes training in blind flight techniques on a simulator.

31 hours and 30 minutes of applied theory

5 hours of flight instruction on the FNPT II simulator

Stage 2

Basic Instrument Flying

This stage allows you to learn the basic techniques and trajectories of instrument flight.

5 hours of flight instruction on the FNPT II simulator

Stage 3

Advanced Instrument Flight

This stage teaches you the basic techniques and trajectories of instrument flight and the adjustments to be made to correct the effects of wind as well as the bases of 2D and 3D approaches.

8 hours and 30 minutes of flight instruction on the FNPT II simulator

Stage 4

Approach Procedures

This stage deals with advanced learning of 2D and 3D approach procedures with wind corrections.

6 hours and 30 minutes of flight instruction on the FNPT II simulator

Stage 5

IFR flight control

This deals with learning how to conduct an IFR flight in a real situation and how to manage a system failure.

15 hours of flight instruction on a single-engine aircraft


Validity and extension of your IR SE rating

The IR SE qualification is valid 12 months starting from the day of issue.
It can be extended for a further 12 months by passing an revalidation flight exam within 3 months prior to the expiry of validity.
Beyond that, you must complete an additional training course specific to the renewal of this qualification.

Period of validity



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Your training centre

Find out about your training centre’s resources.

Paris - Toussus le Noble

The IR SE training course takes place in Toussus le Noble on the Diamond 172S, a modern G1000 avionics training aircraft, particularly renowned for its flight demonstration capabilities.

Cessna 172S
Single-engine aircraft

Persons on board



Garmin 1000

Cruising speed

124 Kts


680 Nm

Maximum altitude

13 000 ft


380 Kg

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Astonfly has certified FNPT II flight simulators with 250° visual immersion allowing your instructor to immerse you in an unparalleled flying experience.

Alsim AL250
FNPT II Flight Simulator

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Your online interface

Astonfly provides you with a dedicated digital platform to follow your training.


Consult the programming of your sessions (schedules, instructors, aircraft, simulators, classroom).

Progress booklet

For each flight or simulator exercise, a rating out of 5 is reported by your instructor via the Astonfly online interface in order to create a progress map of your educational journey.

Financial accounts

Track your payments and debits throughout your training and download your invoices online.

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