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FI (A) Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor

Astonfly offers you the key to teaching skills by training you to be an instructor pilot on single-engine aircraft

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Become an FI (A) instructor pilot

The FI (A) rating allows you to train to obtain a pilot's licence for single-engine aircraft.
Whether working as an instructor is a step or a culmination in your career as a pilot,
it will enable you to enrich your flying experience while at the same time transmitting your know-how and your passion for flying.

Admission requirements for the FI (A) training course


Right to
study within EU

Minimum age

18 years old
at the start of the training course

Medical aptitude

Class 1 or 2
specific to PART-MED regulations

Medical Centres


CPL (A) or ATPL (A) or
PPL (A) with CPL or
ATPL theory exams

Flight logbook

200 total flight hours on aircraft,
- of which 10 hours of IFR
instruction including 5 hours
maximum of FSTD,
- 150 hours as captain, unless you have
a CPL (A) licence
- and 30 hours on SEP aircraft, 5 of which
must have been completed
during the last 6 months

Flight experience

Navigation of 300 Nm under VFR as captain

Astonfly assessment

Theory with multiple choice questions + Flight on single-engine aircraft

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Duration of training

Your training will be full-time and in pairs.


Your FI (A) training course in detail

The training course consists of 5 stages including the compulsory education psychology stage.

Stage 1

Educational psychology

Stage 2

Initial teaching

Stage 3

Learning flight instruction on a simulator

Stage 4

Learning to instruct in the aircraft

Stage 5

Mutual solo flights

Stage 1

Educational psychology

An essential step in all instructor training, educational psychology training covers, among other things, the management of threats and errors (TEM) as well as crew resource management(CRM).

27 hours of applied theory

Stage 2

Initial teaching

This stage enables you to acquire the basic knowledge of the teaching skills needed to carry out theoretical training.

78 hours and 45 minutes of applied theory

Stage 3

Learning flight instruction on a simulator

The objective of this stage is to review your ability to manoeuvre in blind flight.

5 hours of flight instruction on the FNPTII simulator

Stage 4

Learning to instruct in the aircraft

The objective of this stage is to teach you the ability to instruct the main exercises of the PPL (A) practical training programme.

20 hours and 15 minutes of applied theory

19 hours of flight instruction on single-engine aircraft

1 hour of flight instruction on aerobatic aircraft

Stage 5

Mutual solo flights

The objective of the mutual solo is to fly with your partner to practice your teaching skills.

2 hours and 15 minutes of applied theory

5 hours of mutual solo flight on single-engine aircraft


Validity and revalidation of your FI (A) qualification

The FI (A) qualification is valid 36 months starting from the day of issue.
It can be extended for a further 36 months by meeting 2 of the following 3 conditions:

(1) Justification of at least 50 hours of flight instruction experience during the last period of validity,

(2) Participation in an RSFI recycling seminar within the 12 months prior to expiry,

(3) Complete a theory and practical competency assessment (FCL.935) within 12 months prior to expiry.

After expiry, you must complete conditions 2 and 3
to renew your FI (A) rating.

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Your training centre

Find out the starting dates of the next training courses and the resources of your training centre.

Paris - Toussus le Noble

The FI (A) training course is mainly carried out on Cessna 172S, a modern training aircraft in G1000 avionics and particularly renowned for its flight demonstration capabilities Teaching includes in-flight exercises on warning of unusual positions on TB30 Epsilon, a former aircraft used for training in the French Air Force.

Cessna 172S G1000
Single-engine aircraft

Persons on board



Garmin 1000

Cruising speed

124 Kts

Aerobatics ability


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Socata TB30
Aerobatic aircraft

Persons on board




Cruising speed

190 Kts

Aerobatics ability


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Next starting dates for your FI (A) Instructor Rating course in Paris Toussus le Noble.



16 JAN


15 MAY



Astonfly has certified FNPT II flight simulators with 250° visual immersion allowing your instructor to immerse you in an unparalleled flying experience.

Alsim AL250
FNPT II Flight Simulator

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Your online interface

Astonfly provides you with a dedicated digital platform to follow your training.


Consult the programming of your sessions (schedules, instructors, aircraft, simulators, classroom).

Progress booklet

For each flight or simulator exercise, a rating out of 5 is reported by your instructor via the Astonfly online interface in order to create a progress map of your educational journey.

Financial accounts

Track your payments and debits throughout your training and download your invoices online.

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