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FCL.055 Language Qualification

English Language Proficiency

To fly an aircraft abroad, you must be able to justify proficiency in specific aeronautical English, known as FCL.055

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Your passport to fly internationally

To enter foreign airspace, you must have a sufficient level of expression and comprehension in English
used in radiotelephone communications. This requirement applies to all aircraft pilots, commercial or otherwise.
Obtaining the FCL.055 is a prerequisite before any instrument rating training, or else the IR (A) may be invalid in some foreign countries.

The different levels of the FCL.055 exam

The exam is graded on a scale of 6 levels, defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

If you pass, your level also determines how long this qualification is valid.


Level 1.


Level 2.


Level 3.



Level 4.

Operational (valid 4 years)

Level 5.

Advanced (valid 6 years)

Level 6.

Expert (valid for life)

Admission requirements for FCL.055


Right to
study within EU

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Duration of the training course and exam

The training is a group course of 20 hours including the exam.


The FCL.055 training programme in detail

The theory training is full-time with group lessons

Day 1

General presentation of the exam

Day 2

Specific coaching

Day 3

Coaching for the mock exam and the official

Day 1

General presentation of the exam

Presentation of the exam and its grading criteria

Presentation and organisation of the training course

Study of the exam preparation material (exercises, emergency phrases, shorthand for the fake flight test)

First mock exam followed by corrections

Specific coaching for the exam tests (2 MCQs, 2 fake flights, 4 aeronautical videos)

Day 2

Specific coaching

Grammatical and lexical revision according to individual needs

Specific coaching for the exam tests (2 MCQs, 2 fake flights, 4 aeronautical videos)

Day 3

Coaching for the mock exam and the official

Mock exam followed by corrections

Final coaching for the exam papers according to individual needs

Debriefing of the training and advice on exam methodology

FCL.055 official

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Place of training course and exam

Paris - Toussus le Noble

Next starting dates of the FCL.055 training course in Paris Toussus le Noble.

16 - 18


17 - 19


16 - 18


15 - 17


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