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Advanced Multi Crew and Standardisation Training APS MCC

Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coordination

Obtain the APS MCC qualification, the new aviation industry standard, essential for your employment in the airline industry

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The APS MCC is the final step in your airline pilot training

The Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course is designed to train pilots
in a multi-pilot environment according to airline standards. The objective of this enhanced training compared to a simple MCC / JOC, is to better prepare the future airline pilot for specific airline procedures.

Admission requirements for the APS MCC training course


Right to
study within EU

Medical aptitude

Class 1 specific
to PART-MED regulations

Medical Centres


CPL (A) with ME IR rating
and ATPL (A) theory exams

English language

FCL.055 Level 4

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Duration of training

The training is on request according to your availability.


The APS MCC training programme in detail

You will learn to work with a crew in a multi-pilot environment and obtain your MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and APS (Airline Pilot Standard) skills.

16 hours of CBT (Computer Based Training)

40 hours of theoretical training

20 hours of briefings and debriefings

40 hours of FTD Level 2 simulator training (Boeing 737 MAX)

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Your training centre

Find out about your training centre’s resources.


Astonfly has certified FTD Level 2 flight simulators in Dublin (Ireland).

Boeing 737 MAX
FTD Level 2 flight simulator

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Your online interface

Astonfly provides you with a dedicated digital platform to follow your training.


Consult the programming of your sessions (schedules, instructors, aircraft, simulators, classroom).

Progress booklet

For each flight or simulator exercise, a rating out of 5 is reported by your instructor via the Astonfly online interface in order to create a progress map of your educational journey.

Financial accounts

Track your payments and debits throughout your training and download your invoices online.

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Request a quote for your APS MCC training

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