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High Performance Aircraft (HPA) Training

High Performance Aircraft

Take an HPA training course and discover the particularities of high performance aircraft

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The HPA theory training course is for pilots who have a PPL (A) licence but not the ATPL (A) theory rating, and who wish to get qualified on an HPA (High Performance Aircraft).

Admission requirements for the HPA training course


Right to
study within EU

Medical aptitude

Class 1 or 2
specific to PART-MED regulations

Medical Centres



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Duration of the HPA training course

The training course takes place on demand via videoconference.


Your HPA training programme in detail

The objective of this course is to acquire specific knowledge of the systems and the particularities for piloting an aircraft capable of flying at high altitude and high speed.
This course is validated by a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test.

9 hours of applied theory + validation test

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