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Socata TB30 Epsilon

French Army Training Aircraft

Carry out your Advanced UPRT course by flying an aerobatic aircraft with exceptional manoeuvring capabilities


The aircraft used for your training in a few figures

Socata TB30

Persons on board




Cruising speed

190 Kts

Take-off distance

360 m


701 Nm

Aerobatics ability


133 Kg

Landing distance

330 m

Developed in collaboration with the French Army, and thanks to its in-flight manoeuvring capabilities and robustness, the Epsilon has proved over the course of its career to be a particularly efficient training tool for aircrew on unusual position warning exercises.

Expand your horizon with the TB30

Discover the range of your aircraft by entering the base of your choice.

The tandem two-seater, with the rear seat occupied by the student pilot offers the unique possibility to explore unusual positions under a cloth hood, in instrument flight without any external reference, under the control of the instructor pilot.

The TB30 Epsilon is equipped with modern avionics with Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (EADI) and Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI). This state-of-the-art equipment gives pilots the ability to orientate themselves in space and to practice warning of unusual flight positions under IFR.