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Become an airline pilot at your own pace

Modular ATP Training

Access the profession of Airline Transport Pilot with the ATP Modular Astonfly training, by completing each of the diploma modules necessary for your employment as an airline pilot at your own pace


From Modular ATP training to employment with an airline company

Astonfly Modular ATP training is an à la carte training course which can be adapted according to your availability and takes into account your previous experience. Each stage of the training is carried out either module by module on demand or through a complete package delivering the IR ME / MEP + CPL + UPRT + APS MCC modules, including the Astonjob Tutoring programme.

Ability to fly at night

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14 on-site theory certificates

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English language proficiency

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Multi-Engine Instrument Flight Multi-Engine Pistons Class

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Commercial Pilot Licence

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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

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Working with a crew
and APS MCC standardisation

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CPL Licence Commercial aircraft pilot
IR ME + MEP Rating Instrument Rating Multi-Engine + Multi-Engine Pistons
UPRT Course Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
APS MCC Course Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coordination
Modular ATP Pack 5678

Training specific to the aircraft type provided by the airline

First flights with passengers

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Become a Ryanair pilot with the ATP Modular pack

Once you have passed the Modular ATP pack entrance assessment, depending on your result you will be able to join the Ryanair Mentored Programme and start your career as an airline pilot with Europe's leading pilot employer.