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How to become an airline pilot?

Make your passion your profession

Would you like to become an airline pilot?
Astonfly offers you this opportunity with or without previous flight experience
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Seize this opportunity to become an airline pilot

With international flights starting up again, airlines are recruiting in great numbers and estimate their needs worldwide at over 34,000 new pilot hires per year until 2040

Source: Study carried out by Boeing Pilot Outlook 2021–2040

This unprecedented demand is explained by the natural growth of the world's air transport needs, but also by:

  • A great number of airline pilots worldwide leaving for retirement
  • The emergence of new airlines, mainly in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East,
  • The emergence of new markets such as the long-haul "low-cost" market,
  • The downturn in airline pilot training during the Covid-19 crisis, contributing to the current pilot shortage.

Sources: World Bank, ICAO, Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Les Echos

The permanent resilience of global air transport

«If one analyses more carefully the studies of global air transport since the 1970s, it is clear that crises have had little impact. Since the 1970s, world air transport has doubled on average every 15 years. Over the last 50 years, there have been what seemed to be insurmountable crises, and yet each time passengers wanted to continue travelling»

Read the full article written by Patrick Milward on the future of air transport in our News section.

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What training do you need to become an airline pilot?

Astonfly provides two types of airline pilot training, full-time or on demand, depending on your profile. With these two courses, there are three opportunities: commercial pilot, business pilot and instructor.


The Integrated ATP enables you to become an airline pilot through intensive and continuous training over 2 years on a full-time basis.
It consists of 9 months of theory followed by 15 months of practical training.

This course is accessible with a baccalaureate, from the age of 17, after having passed the Astonfly Integrated ATP admission assessment.


The Modular ATP enables you to acquire, at your own pace, each of the qualifying modules you will need to be hired as a pilot in an airline company.

It is generally aimed at people who wish to train as an airline pilot in parallel with a school or salaried activity.

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They have become pilots with Astonfly

Since its creation, Astonfly has trained more than 1,000 airline pilots,
currently working for over 50 airlines worldwide

Lucas Herail, First Officer, Boeing 737

I did my airline pilot’s training with Astonfly. Thanks to this high-quality training, I have acquired the rigour and professionalism which are essential skills for carrying out this profession.

I benefited from an adapted infrastructure, a team of instructors competent and a very modern fleet. Also, I consider that Astonfly brings together all the training qualities necessary for success in this job. Therefore, I recommend this flight school.

David Sitruk, First Officer, Falcon 7X

Professional and rigorous school with many instructors in brand new premises. Latest generation aircraft, clean and available thanks to an on-site mechanic’s workshop and an efficient ramp service.

I completed my integrated training in less than 18 months, then was hired immediately afterwards by a business aviation airline co which was my objective. It is a real pleasure to have been trained at this school. I highly recommend it.

Anthony Bégé, First Officer, Airbus A330

After a few years spent as a navigator in the Air Force, I decided to retrain as a civilian pilot to put the military experience I had gained to profit. When looking for a school to take the CPL licence and ME IR rating, I rapidly chose Astonfly. Indeed the use of a modern fleet, the issuing of EASA qualifications and the location in the Paris region were decisive.

This gamble paid off since, following my training, I started working as an instructor and then rapidly as an airline pilot Officer in business aviation and now as a First Officer with Corsair.

Antoine Martorana, First Officer, Embraer

Astonfly was my number one choice for my commercial pilot training after a background as an aeronautical engineer. The professionalism of the school, the experienced instructors and the modern fleet of aircraft prepared me from the start for the standards of my first employers. I started my career as a single pilot on the Diamond DA62, then I joined Ryanair with my training partner less than a year after leaving school, and now I'm First Officer on Embraer at Hop.

The high standards and demands of my Astonfly training ensured a smooth transition to my Boeing 737NG rating. I certainly approached my training seriously but I have always enjoyed flying at this great school.

Nicolas Jovanovic, First Officer, Boeing 737

As a former Astonfly student who followed an airline pilot’s training course, I was fortunate to have benefited from high-quality training, with a professionalism which met the requirements of the job, on a fleet of modern aircraft, with competent and demanding instructors.

Thanks to this quality training, I was lucky enough to pass my Boeing 737 qualification and then to be immediately selected by Air Baltic. I am currently pursuing my career with Norwegian Airline.